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Paoli Community School Corporation offers a wide range of academic opportunities for their students at Paoli Junior & Senior High and Throop Elementary School.

AVID-Early College Program

Paoli High School offers their students AVID elective courses to prepare them for college. The AVID educational system starts in seventh grade and follows them throughout high school.

High Ability Program

Throop Elementary School offers a High Ability program for students who perform at a higher level of academic achievement than other students of the same age. 

STEM Program

Paoli Community School Corporation is dedicated to the teaching of science, technology, engineering, and math disciplines. They offer a strong STEM education for their students.

Allie McDonald

Kindergarten Teacher

Aaron Hannon

5th Grade Math Teacher

Karen Johnson

2nd Grade Teacher

Laura Line

1st Grade Teacher

Christian Karkosky

Band Director

Heather Nichols

Media Teacher

Cory Scott

Ag Teacher

Chris Jones

Art Teacher

Kyle Chase

Math Teacher

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