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Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategies

Focus 1  

Show teachers what you're all about

  • Design recruitment materials that make your district appear to be a desirable workplace. (website, press release, one-pagers, videos).

  • Leverage social media to showcase your district

  • Create a strategic plan that helps you highlight your vision from the ground up.

Focus 2  

Open new pipelines

  • Seek competent professionals in the community (including current subs) and pay for their Transition to Teaching program.

  • Implement an educator pathway for high school students to start the pipeline earlier.

  • Leverage relationships with local higher education entities.

Focus 3 

Create incentives to teach in your district

  • Offer competitive pay & benefits.

  • Offer free continuing education (master's degrees).

  • Consider the financial incentives like loan forgiveness.

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Focus 4

Create the environment they don't want to leave

  • Hold school leaders accountable.

  • Offer positive, frequent, informal feedback.

  • Help teachers identify areas of development.

  • Give teachers and support staff public recognition for hard work and accomplishments.

  • Offer teachers opportunities for leadership roles.

  • Provide additional classroom resources.

  • Promote public, positive messaging about teachers efforts & effectiveness locally.

  • Provide ongoing, consistent, effective professional development.

  • Give educators professional autonomy.

Download the PDF checklist here

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