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Teacher Shortage Report

This Teacher Shortage Survey Report is based on a teacher shortage survey administered annually since 2015. The current data and analysis presented are based on responses from 176 traditional public school superintendents collected in the fall of 2022.

Superintendents Reporting Certification Shortages in the Following Areas:
Close to 95% of superintendent responses indicate experiencing a shortage of qualified candidates. The exact top six areas of certification shortages persist in the 2022 responses as in each of the last seven surveys.
teacher shortage.png
90% of surveyed superintendents reported having at least one teacher on an emergency permit with 60% of those respondents having 4 or more teachers on emergency licenses.
Superintendents Reporting Teachers on Emergency Permits
Superintendents also report having a significant number of teachers experiencing out-of-field teaching.
Superintendents Reporting Teachers Outside of Licensed Areas

Where are teachers going?

Several districts reported that teachers are not leaving the profession but instead are leaving to work at another school district. An overwhelming majority responded that teachers were leaving the profession for another career, though.
Reported Reasons Teachers Left a District

To download the full Teacher Shortage Report, click here →

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