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Clay Community Schools serves all families located in Clay County, Indiana. Clay is dedicated to meeting the needs of all learners at each of their 10 school buildings. 

Elementary School

At Clay Community Schools, education is more than just academics; it’s about building a close-knit family of learners from day one. Clay Community Schools is committed to seeking out high-quality staff who ensure that each child feels valued and supported. Our team of educators across the district fosters environments where every student’s success is a top priority. 

Middle School

Clay City Jr. High School and North Clay Middle School are committed to nurturing well-rounded and future-ready students. Our diverse curriculum empowers our young learners to set ambitious goals and develop vital skills.

High School

Clay Community Schools equips high school students with the practical knowledge, skills, and guidance needed to make informed decisions about their future paths. With a diverse offering of Advanced Placement, dual-credit, and Career and Technical Education courses, Clay Community graduates on a trajectory for future success and fulfillment. 

amanda sebastian.png
Amanda Sebastian

Jackson Township Elementary

anthony migliorini.png
Anthony Migliorini

Northview High School

heather ogborn.png
Heather Ogborn

Staunton Elementary

Kimberly Kelley.png
Kimberly Kelley

East Side Elementary

Mary Graves.png
Mary Graves

Cumberland Academy

michele hunter.png
Michele Hunter

Northview High School

nona lancaster.png
Nona Lancaster

Staunton Elementary

rae anne howald.png
Rae Anne Howald

Jackson Township Elementary

valerie clark.png
Valerie Clark

Staunton Elementary

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